TREG Advantage

TREG’s Agent Websites offer agents a number of valuable features, but there are some that we are uniquely excited about:


Every day our brokerage and agent websites are visited by hundreds and hundreds of people. With roughly 70% of of these visitors viewing the site on a mobile phone, it is important that we design the sites “mobile first”. What that means is that our primary consideration is “How does this look on a mobile phone?” Using this approach helps us make sure our agents’ site are the best that they can be.


Accesible: You may have heard about the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) or other requirements to make buildings accessible for those with disabilities. Did you know that this also applies to websites? The Real Estate Group is leading the way to have our web presence be as accessible as possible and when someone has an issue using our site, we want them to reach out to us.

One key piece of this effort is our accessibility widget. This allows visitors with a large variety of disabilities, the ability to turn on features that make the site more comfortable and navigable for them.  Everything from increasing text size and highlighting links for those with visual impairments to accomodating those with Dyslexia with a dyslexia friendly display to even having the page “read” to you audibly, we do our best to make our website not just compliant but truly accessible.



We also have built each agent website with instant translation into a number of languages using Google translate. While it does not provide a perfect translation, it makes understanding the site and navigating MUCH easier for those who english is a second language.