TREG Advantage

TREG goes far above and beyond typical brokerage support for agents that engage in hyperlocal marketing and geographic farming. Advanced level training is provided on the best practices for creating market dominance in a specific neighborhood. This includes how to utilize print, face to face, text, email, and social media marketing to form a strong bond between the agent and their neighborhood.

We also assist our agents by providing website customizations that demonstrate their marketing to potential sellers in a specific neighborhood. Below are a few examples of how we help our agents dominate the markets that they live and work in every day:

Al Lozito – Alanton, Thoroughgood, Lagomar

Al has multiple neighborhoods featured on his home page to show potential listing clients that these neighborhoods are his focus. We have several ways to highlight neighborhoods on agent websites, by using individual photos and text or using a grid of neighborhoods.


Barbara McCormack – Indian River Plantation

Barbara featured both an Indian River Plantation page and a recently sold properties in Indian River Plantation page on the home page of her website.

Sara Hartz – Thalia & Birchwood / Malibu

Sara features two areas on her website and we have helped create branding around Thalia and Birchwood/Malibu. She has created a neighborhood Facebook Group that is seamlessly connected with her website.

Karen Harper – A Custom Solution for Riverwalk

Sometimes it makes sense for our marketing team to work one on one in collaboration with our agents to create custom solutions. Recently we launched a website SOLELY dedicated to the Riverwalk community, providng pages for homes, schools, local events, businesses and the real estate market in the area. While projects like this require effort and time to produce for both agent and our brokerage marketing team, the results can truly be outstanding.